Web Site Design and Implementation Package

It’s a confusing world out there with ads saying you can do it all! We know that easy technology can be a myth. Add to that, the fact that one out of three are now accessing the internet on a phone or tablet and your site needs to respond to that! It isn’t enough to drop your content into a Wordpress theme. That theme needs to be ready for the future.

Come to me content ready and I’ll get you a site you’ll be proud to share!

For one basic price, you get:

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NOTE: Final price for implementation is based on your feature set


Working with FiddleFace Web Design

Whether you need video, an email database, original art, or just fresh ideas, I can help.

FiddleFace Design approaches a website by finding out what appeals to you. How you like your art, how you want to represent your business, and what your budget will be. I will work with you to understand your business objectives and your customer base, and then help you to compare your web ideas with those of your competitors and to select the best position for your business.

On the technical side, FiddleFace can help you decide on how to name, host and launch your site. I can provide you with a CMS website that you can keep up to date yourself. Basic search engine optimization is provided including meta tag keywords and description, title and image tagging, and Google listing.

"Theresa is one of those very rare professionals who combines an artist sensitivity for design, with a rock solid knowledge of programming and technology. She can not only help you create a beautiful site, but will ensure it works great."

Steve Mitten, MCC

I specialize in well organized sites both from a user experience and in the coding behind it. All my sites are W3C tested for code validation and link checking on all the standard browser platforms.

I create original designs, implement the html and at your request import the design into Wordpress or Expression Engine as a CMS or LemonStand Shopping Cart CMS.

Need some help with targeting your audience on your homepage? Download this FiddleFace document with tips from "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug, industry expert on homepage design. Another great document is the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Want to start small and grow as your business grows? FiddleFace can do that too. Start with one page notifying your customers of your location and features; add more pages as you grow.

FiddleFace is here to help. Provide a budget and FiddleFace will offer you solutions that fit!

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Selecting the correct hosting service can make or break your site - speed and security are important! I use Hostgator because they provide both with responsive service to boot.


I get a small commission on sales of hostgator hosting through an affiliate relationship. This in no way affects my opinion of their products and services.