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FiddleFace Design is located in Portland, Oregon.

I specialize in staying current with CSS based designs that can be launched as pure html designs or worked into Wordpress or other CMS implementations. All FiddleFace designs are unique and not built on templates. Marketability, search engine features, graphics and writing are all FiddleFace strengths.


Nursery site Design

In addition to designing sites, FiddleFace maintains the Portland Nursery web site, adding new features and keeping it up to date monthly. FiddleFace also designs, emails and maintains the contact list for the nursery's monthly newsletter. The Portland Nursery site has been recognized nationally for content, flexibility, and easy navigation.

If your nursery site needs redesigning, I can assist you in providing a new design and migrating your content to it.

Theresa Leonard

Portland, OR 97237


Phone: 503-245-6295