Theresa Leonard

MS Counseling Psychology & MS Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

headshot2FiddleFace Web Design is owned and operated by me, Theresa Leonard. My basic approach to web design and implementation is that things should work well, they should address the market they were made for and it all should be fun to do.

I have a diverse educational background: an MS Counseling Psychology & MS Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Basically, what the two degrees say about me are that I work well with clients and I like to solve puzzles. I worked 20+ years in high tech in program and product development, and business development in PC OEM and international markets. My experience is with both small and large companies (including Intel). At SonicBlue, developer of the first mp3 player, I was Vice President of Product Development. My international experience includes two years in Germany as an international marketing director for a German modem manufacturer.

In 2001, I decided to move my efforts to a home office and haven't looked back. I am self-motivated with ever-expanding interests. I am constantly improving my technical and design talents.

Why I love what I do

  • I work both sides of my brain, creative & technical
  • I get to interact with all sorts of people
  • Every morning there is a new challenge
  • I work from my home and my dog loves me for it
  • There is always something new to learn

Why you should hire me

  • I take time to understand your vision
  • I stay on top of the changing world of web design
  • Technically, every problem is a chance to excel
  • I want you to be successful

Whatever you want, I'll deliver

  • Responsive design - you got it
  • Wordpress site - theme based or custom designed
  • Shopping cart
  • Google Optimization
  • Collateral

I spent a LOT of time searching for the right web designer. Having spent many years working as a graphic designer myself, I knew someone with strictly technical know-how or ready-built templates would not work for me. Theresa has creative talent, as well as technical know-how, and is always willing to learn that which she has not yet done. She is a great problem-solver. Theresa provides excellent service, rolling with my quirks and techno-panic with grace and humor.

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Weight and Wellness Coach